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Salonit Anhovo, d. d.

Salonit Anhovo is a leading manufacturer of building materials in Slovenia with nearly a century of tradition in the production of cement and other hydraulic binders. Today, the cement plant Salonit Anhovo is technologically, environmentally and commercially comparable to the most advanced European cement plants. This has been achieved through a strategically planned development cycle, which also includes the use of energy-rich waste as fuel. By investing in the circular economy, they significantly reduced the emissions and consumption of natural resources.

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Salonit Anhovo, d. d.
Anhovo 1, SI- 5210 Deskle



Reducing CO2 emissions in cement production with the introduction of energy-rich waste as fuel

With its own development and investment in technology for the use of energy-rich waste, Salonit Anhovo provides energy efficiency and emission control throughout the entire production process.

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