The primary goal of the Secondary raw materials focus area is to create systemic solutions for technological development in waste treatment and disposal that will allow the present make-use-dispose paradigm to be shifted towards a more responsible circular resource management. Plans include the development of technologies for converting waste into useful products, secondary raw materials or forms that allow for harmless disposal, technologies for waste treatment with a view to reuse and for the refurbishment or repair of used products for the purpose of extended use. The technological areas include: a) processing of industrial and construction waste, b) processing of biological waste into value products, c) circular economy of material flow for electrical and electronic equipment waste, d) waterwaste treatment technologies and extraction of materials and energy from them, e) sustainable drinking water management. The narrower product directions with identified economic interest, capacities and business opportunities that cover the essential waste streams have been defined.

Keywords: industrial and construction waste, bio-waste, secondary raw materials, technologies, treatment, disposal, industry, construction industry, circular economy of material flow, waste and drinking water.

Goals and performance indicators of the Secondary raw materials focus area:

Goal 1: Development of export-oriented services based on new business models.

Goal 2: Increase the number of companies involved according to the SRIP openness principle.

Goal 3: Development of common R&D projects.

Goal 4: Increasing the ratio between recycled and primary materials (establishment of a ratio monitoring system).

Goal 5: Increasing product durability and repairability ratings.

Goal 6: Reducing the consumption of input resources per unit of product.

Goal 7: Reducing footprints (greenhouse, water).

Goal 8: Create 5 products on the basis of ecodesign.


  • dr. Zorka Novak Pintarič
  • Institution: University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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