The Sustainable energy focus area directly addresses the S4 focus area Production of energy based on alternative sources and is centred on niche technological areas with a large potential for growth, where Slovenian companies exhibit an export potential and a vision for the development of breakthrough products and services with high added value, for example energy usage of waste material flows (WtE), optimisation of energetic and material efficiency, external energy sources and new business models. These areas combine several technological and product directions that, in accordance with the capability of Slovenian industry, round up the potential common development activities of the involved stakeholders.

Keywords: energy usage of waste material flows, optimisation of energetic and material efficiency, external energy sources, new business models, energy recovery of waste or production residues, hydrogen technologies, energy from water and wind resources, photovoltaics, energy optimisation.

Goals and performance indicators of the Sustainable energy focus area:

Goal 1: Development of new export-oriented high-tech products.

Goal 2: Development of export-oriented services based on new business models.

Goal 3: Increase the number of companies involved according to the SRIP openness principle.

Goal 4: Development of common R&D projects.

Goal 5: Technology transfer.

Goal 6: Development and building of prototypes.


  • dr. Tine Seljak
  • Institution: University of Ljubljana, Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering
  • Contact: