The Green processes and technologies focus area is primarily centred on the challenge of how to introduce into the domestic processing and production industry completely technologically-innovative processes and technologies where the emphasis is on the development of bio-based green chemicals and materials, processes for the production and processing of polymers, biotechnologically-produced compounds, continuous production of compounds and new production equipment with guidance. In this context, it is important to know, while keeping the input raw materials and output products the same, how to adjust the processes and technologies to operate more economically, by wasting less energy and/or with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Keywords: bio-based green chemicals and materials, processes for the production and processing of polymers, continuous production of compounds, new production equipment with guidance, biotechnologically-produced compounds, biorefineries, energy efficiency, innovation, domestic biomass.

Goals and performance indicators of the Green processes and technologies focus area:

Goal 1: Development of export-oriented high-tech products.

Goal 2: Development of export services based on new business models.

Goal 3: Increase the number of companies involved according to the SRIP openness principle.

Goal 4: Development of common R&D projects.

Goal 5: Prototype development.

Goal 6: Establishment of links between the RDI and business subjects.

Goal 7: Reducing the consumption of input resources per unit of product.

Goal 8: Reducing footprints (greenhouse, water).

Goal 9: Transfer of innovation into the economy.

Goal 10: Contributing to increased entrepreneurial activity.


  • dr. Blaž Likozar
  • Institution: National Institute of Chemistry
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