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Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor

FKKT is an educational and research institution that strives for excellence and increase of knowledge with the help of basic and applied research.We are striving for academic correctness and integrity which offers our students the same possibilities of education and creative collaboration in the educational process. The Faculty exposes basic values like freedom of thought and expression, equality and tolerance. It considers social issues regarding the environment, builds up democratic and ethical values, takes care of sustainable development and strives for general welfare and integral social development.

It also encourages international exchange of students and employees, it actively collaborates with other businesses and civil society in local and international associations and other institutions.

FKKT will continue to enable transfer of intellectual potential with the goal to become one of the leading scientific research institutions locally and internationally. Quality study programs will contribute to more demand for graduates and scientists, trained at FKKT. All faculty activities will be based exclusively on professional excellence, academic freedom of employees and students, creativity, autonomy, sympathy, equal opportunities and mostly in creating the sense of community.


The strategy and vision of FKKT are oriented towards future increase of internationally renowned research and development achievements of the highest quality regarding the number of publications in the most renowned international periodic publications and the collaboration in form of partnerships in international centers of scientific excellence and last but not least the incorporation of colleagues at FKKT in the realization of the most demanding international projects. Such collaboration is one of the key sources of open questions by science and profession that the colleagues will solve together with the planned number of young researchers. The wide popularity of Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Slovenia and abroad will contribute to the recognition of University of Maribor. We will continue to ensure the international comparability and quality of FKKT programs with incorporation of our own new knowledge into the study programs. By following and dynamically responding to the needs of the professional milieu and with harmonized incorporation of changes into study programs we will maintain contemporary offer of educational programs. We are paying a lot of attention to accompanying and constantly supporting students through the established tutorial system. By involving the students into all faculty organs we ensure their collaboration at the management of FKKT.

Professors of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Maribor are participating at numerous European and industry projects and are performing researches financed by the Slovenian Research Agency and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. High level of educational and scientific research work is achieved by including guest professors and researchers in the educational and research processes.

FKKT ensures a credit system for studying and international student exchange. Through the exchange programs like ERASMUS, CEEPUS and others, students of our faculty can do a share of their faculty obligations abroad and gain experience at renowned universities.

The faculty is aware of its close connection to the development of various industry parts and economy. Through its educational programs it exposes great importance of multi-disciplinary development that contributes to improved and more comprehensive problem solving in society. With the help of various scientific disciplines we offer answers to many questions raised by the uncertain future.

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Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor
Smetanova ulica 17, SI-2000 Maribor


Fractionation and processing of whey proteins and exploitation of the residue for the formation of new functional foods and food supplements

The primary objective of the project is to exploit the potential of the whey, an unexploited raw-material flow of the food industry. We intend to achieve this by the introduction of advanced technological processes for the isolation and enhancement of individual whey proteins and the use of the whey residue to form innovative food supplements and functional food additives.

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