Fractionation and processing of whey proteins and exploitation of the residue for the formation of new functional foods and food supplements

The primary objective of the project is to exploit the potential of the whey, an unexploited raw-material flow of the food industry. We intend to achieve this by the introduction of advanced technological processes for the isolation and enhancement of individual whey proteins and the use of the whey residue to form innovative food supplements and functional food additives.

The goal of the value / vertical chain of the “Biomass and Alternative Raw Materials” (BAS) is to accelerate the development of breakthrough technologies and innovation and product development in the field of innovative (bio)products based on renewable raw materials. The “BAS” Vertical is, among other things, designed to support the development of the alternative raw material biorefineries.

First industrial phase is running on laboratory level. The extraction of individual proteins from milk will be carried out. The conditions for further steps are provided. In the frame of phase 1 five steps are predicted: S1. fractionation of individual whey proteins, laboratory analyses will be performed, the properties of the raw material will be determined as well as activity of isolated material; S2. microencapstiolation of proteins; S3. hydrolysis of proteins, with the main one lactoferrin; S4. probiotics will be raised and their production metabolites in the whey residue, where very low concentration of proteins is expected ; S5. separation of whey residues and the medium residue using different processes, such as osmosis, distillation, nanofiltration.

Phase 2 – development of laboratory experimental results  from the basis of first phase to the prototype level. Experiments will be performed on higher industrial level not laboratory anymore and the conditions would be determined. Four steps are planned: S6. fractionation of proteins which are interesting for the market; S7. microenkapsulion of proteins, such as lactoferrin; S8. cultivation of probiotics and their metabolites in whey remains after separating such proteins; S9. separation of whey remains and media.

The new procedure introduced will enable the creation of new product with improved protein-mineral, antimicrobial, allergenic and other characteristics that are desired on the market of enriched functional foods, dietary supplements, natural remedies, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines.

The sales of powdered milk for babies in China has reached 15 billion $ in 2015 and is raising at 15% rate. Products enriched with cheese whey proteins represent premium products, and for hem the demand is raising. Only demand for lactoferrin in japan in 2015 was 50 tons.


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