Circular Business Academy

CIRCULAR BUSINESS ACADEMY is a tailored professional training programme, enabling enterpreneurs, managers and policy-makers to embrace circualr business model innovation. It contributes to the understanding of restructuring the business plan from linear to circular business model.

Circular Business Academy is multi-modular course intended for senior professionals focusing on corporate transformations from linear to circular business models. It helps participants and their organisations understand the opportunities and risks as well as the design transformation processes in their respective organisations and equip them with the necessary tools to cope with the implementation challenges. It takes into account technological, systemic and societal dynamics but also the complexity of stakeholder relationships in the alternating cultural context. It assists participants to overcome specific obstacles they face by designing their own circular transformation plan and by accompanying them on their circular transformation journey.

  • New growth opportunities of circular economy
  • Circular portfolio analysis and circular self-assessment (“Circularity Assessment”)
  •  Complete practitioners‘ toolkit for the circular business model transformation
  • Practical guidelines and hands-on assistance towards circular transformation
  • Identification and acquisition of new competencies for business model transformation
  • Understanding the nature of financing and options for circular models
  • Individual mentoring to support the process of implementation

Circular business academy (CBA) stands for a comprehensive programme of professional education and training formats that help practitioners, entrepreneurs, experts and their organisations understand the opportunities and risks of the circular economy as well as the design tranformation processes in their respective organisations.

It offers educational programmes in several different formats:

  • Circular Business Academy – Full Track
  • Circular Opportunity Days
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Tailored Lectures
  • Scale-up model for startups
  • Advisory scheme


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