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Ekomineral, d. o. o.

Ekominerals main fields of activity are production of building materials and takeover and recycling of construction and metallurgical waste, in the quarry Andraž nad Polzelo. Company has upgraded its core business by carrying out research and development of technological, products and service solutions for the recycling of industrial waste. With that, it follows the key goals of the circular economy: the sustainable use of natural resources and the improvement of the material flow efficiency.

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Ekomineral, d. o. o.
Savinjska cesta 25, SI-3310 Žalec



SWIM – Sustainable Waste Industry Management

The SWIM project is designed for the sustainable management of industrial waste, the specific part of which are metallurgical waste from the steel industry. Within the loop of the circular economy and the value chain according to the principle of economy of closed material flows it connects all stakeholders: economic entities as original waste producers, waste processors, end users of new construction products and reusable products in industry, educational and research institutions, non-governmental organizations, and individuals.

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