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Acies Bio, d. o. o.
Acies Bio is a research-driven biotechnology company developing innovative products and platform solutions to improve people’s lives and build a sustainable, biobased future. Acies Bio focuses its R&D activities primarily on developmen […]
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS) is the leading research institute in the field of agriculture in Slovenia, marking its 120th anniversary in 2018. Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is the leading research institute in the field of […]
AlgEn, center za algne tehnologije, d.o.o.
AlgEn was established in 2010, it is specialized in development, and system integration of algae based systems providing consulting and engineering services. Main activities include system development for cultivation and use of high qualit […]
ICP ‒ Pulp and Paper Institute
ICP, leading development center for fiber materials, with its knowledge, experience and advanced technologies contributes to the acquisition, exploration and use of natural and renewable sources. With development engineering, consulting, c […]
Melamin, d. d., Kočevje
Melamin, founded in 1954 is a well-established European chemicals manufacturing company with a long tradition in the field of amino resins. Melamin’s products have been developed with extensive investments in new technologies and talented […]
RACI d. o. o.
The RACI company was founded in 1994 as the Technology Transfer Centresupported by the Slovenian Ministry of Science and Technology. The motive for its foundation stemmed from long-standing activities of Slovenian Jožef Stefan Institute in […]
Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj
The public institution SRC Bistra Ptuj developed from the Bureau for Strategic Technological Development, or shortly BISTRA, in 1994. Our main tasks are planning and managing of developmental activities in municipalities of the Spodnje Pod […]
Slovenian Forestry Institute
As part of its research programme and related studies, the Institute also provides forestry and environmental services in the public interest. Another of the Institute’s functions is to provide scientific knowledge on all aspects of susta […]
Slovenian State Forests (SSF)
Major goals of SSF Make forest management more profitable and increase the quality of forest-wood assortments, while considering the basic forest management principles: Sustainability Multifunctionality Close-to-nature forest man […]