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RACI d. o. o.

RACI is acting in the field of energy/environmental engineering. Main activities concern emission and process gas measurements as well as development, consulting, design, installation, commissioning, calibration and maintenance of systems for continuous and discontinuous measurement of gases and emissions (AMS, DAHS, CEMS).

World-wide renowned and proven analytical equipment produced by ANKERSMID, BÜHLER, DURAG, ENOTEC, INTERTEC Hess, GASMET, JCT, MICHELL Instruments, Paul GOTHE, PCME, SIEMENS, S.K.I., OSI and others are integrated in RACI measuring solutions.

The RACI company was founded in 1994 as the Technology Transfer Centresupported by the Slovenian Ministry of Science and Technology. The motive for its foundation stemmed from long-standing activities of Slovenian Jožef Stefan Institute in the field of combustion processes control, i.e. the O2control. RACI operates within the framework of the Ljubljana Technology Park.

The field of environmental protection and air quality is a new, very complex and demanding area, which has become extremely important in our society. Measurements are becoming increasingly important both in the context of operational monitoring as well as in ensuring the quality of production, the quality of products and the protection of appliances and people. Since we want to prevent, reduce and eliminate pollution as much as possible, it is very important that we use the best available technologies in determining this. It is appropriate to provide a comprehensive approach to the prevention and control of air emissions, waste management, energy efficiency and accident prevention. The multiplicative benefits of operational air monitoring can only be achieved if the obtained data is reliable and comparable and obtained by a suitable quality program. Monitoring is integrated into the requirements of integrated pollution prevention and control, in order to determine compliance and periodic environmental reporting to the competent authorities. Therefore, permanent operational monitoring is prescribed for all major sources of pollution. Permanent measurements are carried out with the CEMS permanent monitoring system, consisting of the AMS automatic measuring system and the automatic evaluation system DAHS.

With extensive and long term experiences in the field of gas analysis in processes and emission RACI is able to offer complete and competent turnkey solutions of contemporary, proven and robust automated measuring systems (AMS, P-AMS) for continuous and discontinuous monitoring with competent and compliant solutions, low costs of ownership, high reliability and availability as well as high qualityi.e. reliability, comparability and traceability of measurements to its customers.

Our goal is a trademark that guarantees competent solutions,high quality of delivered AMS, availability of plants as wellas high quality and traceability of measurements.

Within RACI company operate:

  • testing laboratory Merilni laboratorij RACI accredited to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and
  • inspection body Kontrolni organ RACI accredited to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 as inspection body type C.


RACI is authorized by the Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planningto perform monitoring of the emission of substances into the atmosphere and for inspection of AMS (QAL2 and AST according to EN14181).

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