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Kočevski les, d. o. o.

More then 4/5 of the municipality of Kočevje is forest. From the beginning development in the area has been focused on forest and wood based services of the wood industry. The latter has not developed a lot since for the last 20 years not only in the Kočevje region but the whole of Slovenia. The list of industry that has closed its doors in recent time is long. In November 2014 the company Nolik with 169 employees joined their ranks. Even with the development of support infrastructure (PIK Kočevje, RC Kočevje Ribnica, RC Novo mesto etc.) the initiatives in the field of wood processing hold little sway and as such the added value per employee and the low number of employees in the field remain a big obstacle to the development in the Kočevje region.

Because of all these factors the Public services company of Kočevje with the support of the Municipality of Kočevje founded the company Kočevski les. A company focused on wood production. The seat of the company is in the business incubator at Trati. The company was register on 25th of May 2015, with work start in April 2015, with the naming of its director Mr. Aleš Marolt.

You can visit the office of Kočevski les at Podjetniški inkubator Kočevje, Novomeška cesta 15, 1330 Kočevje on the ground floor. The main storage can be found close by near the local heating plant na Trati.

The main goal of the company is the implementation of the strategic planning for the expansion and competitiveness in wood industry related services and products in the region. Wood as a strategic asset of the region of Kočevje should therefore add and generate added value for the Region and its inhabitants. This will also further the developement of new jobs in the region.

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Kočevski les, d. o. o.
Trata XIV 6A, SI-1330 Kočevje