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Ars Pharmae, d. o. o.

Ars Pharma works for people who wish to improve their health with high-end products form natural sources.

Our values are:

  • health
  • wellbeeing
  • nature

Our products, of integrative medicine are the result of our understanding that the human being is a complete form of body, mind and soul. We know that the secrets to health come from nature.

In our world class team of experts and consultants form the fields of pharmacy, microbiology, oncology, urology, immunology, diabetology, genetics, physiotherapy, rheuma therapy and dermatology.

At ArsPharma we develop products to maintain health that combine the best of traditional and integrative medicine, but only in the fields where with vigorous scientific testing effects can be verified with a great level of safety and efficiency.

The products of Ars Pharmae are available at pharmacies, specialized retail, DM Cosmetics stores and on the Ars Pharmae web shop and physical shop at the seat of the company.

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Ars Pharmae, d. o. o.
Litostrojska cesta 46 a, SI-1000 Ljubljana