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Acies Bio, d. o. o.

Acies Bio is a research-driven biotechnology company developing innovative products and platform solutions to improve people’s lives and build a sustainable, biobased future. Acies Bio focuses its R&D activities primarily on development of novel microbial strains, bioprocesses and complete production process solutions with application in pharmaceutical, agro-chemical and food processing industry. Actively supporting transformation into circular economy, Acies Bio specializes in utilizing by-products created by food processing industries as a source of nutrients for biotechnological production of value-added compounds, essential for healthy nutrition of humans and animals.

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Acies Bio, d. o. o.
Tehnološki park 21, SI-1000 Ljubljana



Whey2Value – Technology for the production of vitamin B12 from whey

Acies Bio has developed an innovative technology for the production of cellular biomass with a high content of vitamin B12 which uses waste whey as the raw material. The process was demonstrated at a pilot scale of 10m3. Based on this technology, a joint undertaking was founded with a foreign partner where the design of a production plant is currently underway. Vitamin B12-enriched biomass can be used directly as a feed additive in agriculture.

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