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Talum d.d.

Talum, as a modern production company, is a world leader in the narrow circle of the most efficient producers of primary aluminium. Already in 2001, Talum transformed into a manufacturer who combines primary and secondary aluminium to produce its products. We were one of the first primary producers to undertake a new business model which takes into account sustainable development and introduces a circular economy. We have been increasing the amount of secondary or circular aluminium in recent years and with the latest projects we expect even further growth.

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Talum d.d.
Tovarniška cesta 10, SI-2325 Kidričevo



Eco green Alu can

Talum collects process waste from its customers and uses it as an input raw material in the production of discs and slugs for the same customer. This reduces the carbon footprint of aerosol cans produced in this way and increases the energy efficiency of the production of discs and slugs in Talum.

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