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InnTe, inovativne tehnologije, d. o. o.

Development of kinetic reactor technology:

  • Next Big Thing in Circular Economy Where WATER is Key Element
  • Based on Our Scientific Discoveries & Innovations, Proven in the Lab & In Practice
  • Fluids as Sources, Media and Consumable – Drinking Water
  • Calcium Carbonate Prevention, Microbiological Disinfection, Organic and Inorganic Pollution Treatment, Legionella Prevention. Methane Removal, etc.
  • Treatment of Fluids and Treatment of Transport Chain
  • Without Additional Chemicals (Flocculants, additional CO2, etc.)
  • Scalability of the Flow From 0,6l/s Upwards
  • Standalone KR Pro Reactor, Stage Unit, Mobile or Container, Integrated Solution

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InnTe, inovativne tehnologije, d. o. o.
Cesta na postajo 74, SI-1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani