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INEA, d. o. o.

Inea combines highly educated and experienced professionals with innovative young people with disruptive new ideas. We are the leading Slovenian company in the field of manufacturing informatics, automation and automated process control, and one of the largest system integrators in this part of Europe.

Why Inea?

Breadth of knowlege. Our team of experts includes highly skilled engineers, masters and PhD in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.

Language is not an obstacle. You can communicate with us in Slovenian, English, German, French, Russian, Croatian and Serbian.

Speed and efficiency. We are distinguished by flexibility, responsiveness and execution of the project by the agreed deadline.

Guaranteed quality. We are the recipients of the ISO 9001: 2008 and certified system partners of software vendors like Wonderware, Preactor, Microsoft and OSIsoft.

Pushing the boundaries for over 30 years. Company Inea was founded in 1987 by the Jozef Stefan Institute. Since then, we have successfully completed more than 1,300 projects and proved to be a reliable and trustworthy international partner.

Contact details

INEA, d. o. o.
Stegne 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana