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IKEMA d.o.o.

IKEMA, d. o. o. is the leading laboratory in Slovenia for the monitoring of emissions to air, soil, and water. We develop technologies for the upgrading of existing treatment plants, and enable our clients to achieve legally stipulated emission values, with minimum costs and interventions into the system. Our own research team develops new measuring tools. As an analytical laboratory, we enable our clients to optimise their technological processes, with the objective of reusing by-products or waste.

IKEMA, d. o. o. is the only 100-percent family-owned Slovenian company in the field of environmental testing. We are a SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

In the 30 years of our operations, we have become one of the leading companies in Slovenia in environmental testing. All testing is carried out according to renowned and established methods and standards, such as ISO, CEN, SIST, ASTM, DIN, EPA, etc. At the request of our clients, we perform analyses, according to their specifications, or by developing a new method. We use the latest available technology, and currently analyse over 900 different parameters.

We have the required analytical equipment for the sampling of water, sediment, soil, and waste. All profits are invested in the development of new procedures.

Waste and sludge assessment: we provide services associated with waste assessment (authorisations by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning), i.e. for waste processing, incineration, cross-border shipment, and depositing.
Water analyses: we are authorised by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning for the implementation of operational monitoring of wastewater. We are accredited for the implementation of analyses of surface, waste, industrial, municipal, and leachate water. We measure flow rates in sewage systems.
Soil analyses: we are authorised by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning for the implementation of operational monitoring of soil. We operate under accredited soil sampling procedures, and implement all laboratory measurements of soil samples. Composts, digestates, growing media: we implement biological, chemical, and physical testing of various growth media and fertilisers.
Alternative fuels: we help develop alternative fuels from various sources: waste, wood, agricultural and industrial by-products, etc.
Consulting: we are always available to our business partners, and consult them on the implementation of comprehensive solutions with regard to specific environmental issues. We advise them on the optimisation of processes and the further use of by-products and waste.
Environmental policy: our primary goal is environmental protection. All our activities are implemented with minimal impact on the environment. This encompasses waste, exhaust, water, and energy management. Through our work, we educate our clients and transfer best practices.

• Technical analyses of raw materials and products
• Chemical control analyses
• Soil testing prior to purchase
• Biological testing of materials
• Quality control
• Analyses in all states of matter
• Analyses of natural and artificial materials, composites, agricultural land
• Analyses of organic compounds, adsorption tubes, filters (air, water, etc.),
inorganic compounds, pyrolysis gases, and residues
• Chemical analyses of materials, fertilisers, waters, fuels, food, wines
• Chemical analyses for research and development
• REACH registrations
• ROHS product compliance
• Other chemical analyses and testing

• Treatment plants
• Waste, soil, wastewater
• Environmental accidents
• Industrial accidents and spills
• Treatment plant design
• Sewage system issues
• Purchase of measuring and laboratory equipment
• Environmental and other permits
• IED devices
• Optimisation of processes in accordance with the principles of the circular economy

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IKEMA, Inštitut za kemijo, ekologijo meritve in analitiko, d. o. o.
Lovrenc na Dravskem polju 4, SI-2324 Lovrenc na Dravskem polju