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European cultural and technological center Maribor

We operate in the field of science promotion, with an emphasis on natural sciences, modern technologies and development, research and innovation activities. We connect students with economists and enable them to better recognize recruitment needs. We are involved in international projects.

Our activity is an innovative form of education and represents the first contact with science and green technologies. We organise educational and entertaining birthday parties and offer a promotional space for the presentation of technological innovations.

Knowledge is the biggest and most valuable investment of each individual.

Project management office

EKTC Maribor is a project management office which offers counseling and expert assistance to individuals and legal entities for preparation and drawing up of project documentation, as well as the execution for efficient project management when receiving national and European non-refundable funds. Priority is given to youth organizations, non-governmental organizations and other related organizations.

For this purpose, we carry out various training workshops and operational project preparations, which include:

  • Activities developing from the idea, problem analysis, all the way to preparation and elaboration of the project within the prescribed project documentation form;
  • Technical project support: project management (project phases), work methodology, informing and promoting projects;
  • Drawing up project documentation reports;
  • Monitoring and supervising projects.

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European cultural and technological center Maribor
Glavni trg 20, SI-2000 Maribor