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EKO Ekoinženiring, d. o. o.

The company EKO ekoinženiring d.o.o. started 1.3.1994 from the ecological-technological laboratory as part of the chemical unit of the now defunct Metalworks Ravne. As a laboratory the company conducted ecological analysis with the focus on long term effects of the metal industry on nature and the surrounding ecosystems.

Nowadays, as an accredited laboratory for testing, our company focuses on environmental pollution prevention trough ecological monitoring, environmental services and waste treatment.

Our companies main goals are:

  • emission monitoring of waste water
  • first measurement of operational emission monitoring for air pollution form fixed sources
  • calibration of measurement equipment
  • preparation of environmental impact studies
  • waste management ( collection, transport, treatment, trade, disposal)
  • treatment of waste oil emulsions and water cleaning liquids
  • treatment of oil metal slimes
  • treatment of used oil filters
  • production of industrial cosmetics and chemical products
  • technical support for customers ( legal monitoring of changes in environmental legislature)

We hold the following authorizations from the Ministry of Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning:

  • Authorization for first monitoring and measurements for the monitoring of operational waste water
  • Authorization for first monitoring and measurements for the monitoring of air pollutants form fixed pollution sources
  • Authorization for the calibration of fixed measurement devices and annual recalibration and testing
  • Authorization for waste collection
  • Authorization for waste removal
  • Authorization for waste conversion
  • We have an active directory listing and authorization for waste collection services

We strive to keep the status of the leading company in the field of ecological services in the Koroška region as well as the rest of Slovenia.

Our company goals are:

  • quality services for our clients
  • customer satisfaction for our clients
  • company expansion and growth
  • cooperation with trustworthy subcontractors and business partners
  • employee trainings and growth
  • operating under strict legal statutes

Company vision:

To be one of key companies in the Slovenia for the collection and treatment of certain dangerous wastes as well as the premiere provider for chemical services in light of the ever greater importance of environmental conservation and to be part of a circular lasting development of environmental protection.

Company mission:

To provide impartial measurement services in the field of emission monitoring from fixed sources, the calibration, installation, certification and maintenance of monitoring equipment for water and air for ensuring environmental protection at the level of industrial waste.


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EKO Ekoinženiring, d. o. o.
Koroška cesta 14, SI-2390 Ravne na Koroškem