Renewable energy sources – DEM’s new projects

Dravske elektrarne Maribor, d.o.o., is a leading company in the area of efficient use of renewable energy sources in Slovenia.

Small hydroelectric power plants on the tributaries of the Drava river and beyond
The project aims to increase the production of electricity from renewable sources. The objective of the project is to use the available water potential on the tributaries of the Drava river for electricity production to the greatest extent possible, upon considering all environmental and economic criteria. In previous years, we have obtained thirteen water permits for the construction of small hydroelectric power plants on the tributaries of the Drava river – their construction is envisaged in the coming years. All small hydroelectric power plants may be included in the renewable energy source support scheme.

Wind energy exploitation in Slovenia
Potential locations for setting up wind farms outside the Natura area were verified. Three potential locations of wind energy use for electricity generation were identified, namely at the Ojstrica wind park (the construction of three generators with a total power of up to 10.8 MW is envisaged), the Paški Kozjak wind park (the construction of four generators with a total power of up to 14.4 MW is envisaged) and the Rogatec wind park (the construction of six generators with a total power of up to 21.6 MW is envisaged).

Geothermal energy exploitation
Under the framework of the use of geothermal energy, a pilot geothermal power plant construction is envisaged in the first phase. Research activities in the field of geothermal energy exploitation (Čentiba/Lendava) have already been partially carried out at the PG 8 well; namely, a well energy potential measurement has been made and the use of innovative heat transport technology has been carried out. Within geothermal energy exploitation, existing wells in other locations may also be used.

Excess heat source exploitation
The potential of excess heat exploitation represents a new possibility of increased electricity generation sources. The Company sees an opportunity to build new energy production capacities by using technology for low-temperature heat source exploitation (iron, bio-gas, etc.).

Construction of new solar power plants
The use of existing hydroelectric power plant facilities constitutes suitable sites for the construction of solar power plants. The Company is intensively engaged in the construction of solar power plants at the inflow – outflow channels at the Zlatoličje and Formin hydroelectric power plants. Envisaged total power of the solar power plant is 31 MW. Moreover, degraded areas next to hydroelectric power plants also represent potential for further expansion of new production units.


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