Solutions in the field of circular economy – Kolektor Sisteh

Kolektor Sisteh is an engineering company, specializing in the development and implementation of advanced technological solutions and providing the state-of-the-art technological equipment for various sectors of industry, energy and infrastructure.


  • Water purification and treatment

We use modern water purification technologies that ensure minimal adverse environmental impacts with negligible amounts of chemicals: membrane ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis.

If the application of membrane technology does not enable optimal solutions (removal of iron and manganese, arsenic, etc. from deep drillings), we also use traditional methods: coagulation, sedimentation, oxidation, ozonization, filtration, adsorption.

For the preparation of process water, we select the appropriate technologies according to the requirements of the technological process and the characteristics of the water input: reverse osmosis, softening, nanofiltration, electrodeionization.

  • Waste water treatment

For mechanical-chemical waste water treatment, we use methods such as: coarse filtration with drum filters, flotation, sedimentation. For membrane-biological treatment, we use SBR or MBR methods, which also enable the recycling of the treated waste water.

  • Sludge drying

We offer technologically advanced and energy efficient solutions for various fields of waste management. Our waste management technologies comprise drying sewage sludge, drying solid substances from a separator and other organic products. With our sludge drying solution we offer unique procedures for reducing the volume of sewage sludge waste, substances from a separator, and producing substitute fuel (for the cement industry, coal thermal power plants, waste incinerator plants, biomass DHS).

  • Optimization of water supply and sewerage networks

Comprehensive solutions for water supply systems are intended for a reliable and energetically optimal supply of adequately treated drinkable water from the water resource to end users including the remote control and equipment management in water supply facilities.

  • Solutions for the measurement of water consumption and hydraulic optimization for water distribution networks

In the field of water measurement solutions and services, we offer high quality meters, automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems and advanced MDM systems and technologies. Solutions and products are specifically designed to meet the needs of utilities, waterworks companies and agriculture and are aimed at reducing water waste, reducing of water losses and for hydraulic optimization in water distribution networks.


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