Slovenian Center of Excellence for Agricultural Sciences (SLO-ACE)

Collaboration will aim to:

  • improve research and innovation performance of Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS) and Slovene agriculture sector to achieve a competitive position in the global value chains,
  • increase the scientific capabilities and enable KIS and Slovene agriculture sector to engage in a strategic growth path pointing to long-term opportunities for economic development, establish links with innovative clusters and provide access to foreign knowledge flanked with technological modernizations and increased mobility (inwards and outwards) of qualified scientists.

Joint initiative of Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Aarhus University and Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique is to establish a Slovenian Center of Excellence in Agricultural Sciences . The first, one year, project phase was financed under the European Union’s Research and Innovation Framework Program, Horizon 2020. During this time a business model and 7-year strategy was proposed. The planned activities included among other construction of a new infrastructure.

The collaborative research where  five slovenian research institutions and universities (UNILJ, UNIMB, UNING, NIB, IJS) would focus on 3 main pillars: Crop production, Viticulture and oenology and Meat production. All 3 pillars will be interconnected and supported by horizontal themes to respond to the latest development trends and transfer of cutting-edge science into agricultural practice: Sustainable production systems and agro ecology, Breeding and genetics, Plant protection and Food and feed quality.


  • Agricultural Institute of Slovenia
  • Hacquetova ulica 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana
  • +386 (0)1 280 52 62