Electricity Storage

Dravske elektrarne Maribor, d.o.o., is a leading company in the area of efficient use of renewable energy sources in Slovenia.

Pump-fed hydroelectric power plants in the basin of the Drava river

The pump-fed Kozjak na Dravi hydroelectric power plant and the 400 kV power line connection to the RTP Maribor project is embedded in the area with the national spatial plan. The project is part of the “Transmission System of the Republic of Slovenia Development Plan from 2017 to 2026”; moreover, with 400 MW, it is also a support point of the electricity network of Slovenia.
According to the analysis carried out, there are nine potential locations on the Drava river. The power of an individual pump-fed hydroelectric power plant is between 45 and 300 MW. The existing power lines give a huge advantage to easier positioning. Hydrological and energy conditions are favourable – lower regulating reservoirs are existing hydroelectric power plants.

Li-Ion battery electricity storage systems to support the implementation of system services

As part of the need to increase the scope of system services, we plan to install a battery electricity storage system with a capacity of 20 MWh within the existing hydroelectric power plant premises. Furthermore, the purpose of introducing a battery electricity storage system is to partially relieve the provision of system services of the existing production units of the Group, as this negatively affects both the energy exploitation of water potential, and the useful life of the equipment.


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