HMRecycling Sistem – Industrial wastewater as a source of metals and water for reuse

The HMRecycle project focuses on the development of a new heavy metal (HM) recycling system for wastewater treatment, more precisely on new membrane biological reactor (MBR) with an innovative cartridge which will contain functionalized (nano)materials (FNM) as an adsorbent for heavy metals – so-called “HMRecycling MBR system”.

Functionalized (nano)materials are able to specifically and selectively remove heavy metals (eg Pb, Cr, Cu, Cd, Fe, Co, Zn, Ni,… and Hg) from municipal / industrial wastewater. Adsorbent / F-MNs can be later reused, and heavy metals recycled.

The HMRecycle project contributes to the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater by optimizing functional (nano)materials (FM) and the innovative HMRecycling MBR, where existing MBR treatment plants are not efficient and the treated water would be possible to reuse.

It also contributes to technological development in the field of wastewater treatment, which is intensively focused on the development of new approaches in solutions that would achieve cost reduction and faster breakthrough of the use of MBR for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

The HMRecycling MBR system represents a complete market novelty and will have wider applicability compared to the classic MBR. It introduces a new technological approach to the recycling of heavy metals from wastewater, which reduces the negative impact of HM on biodegradation in the process of secondary water treatment, as well as reduces operating costs.

It will provide a simpler solution for the treatment of industrial wastewater and the reuse of treated water in industrial plants; for watering meadows; the possibility of regeneration of used FNM and their reuse and recycling of secondary raw materials from suitable wastewater.

The HMRecycle project (E! 113543) is implemented under the Eurostars-2 Joint Program with co-financing from the European Union’s Horizon H2020 research and innovation program. The national co-financier is MGRT/MEDT – Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investment (HAMAG BICRO).


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