E-CYCLE: E-waste governance

The project concentrates on establishing a consumer-friendly network of e-waste and waste batteries collection and organization of more awareness-raising activities.

The project concentrates on establishing a consumer-friendly network of e-waste and waste batteries collection: Setting-up street containers at some waste bin areas and other locations across Slovenia, and green corners in some of the large shopping malls, while mobile collection campaigns using a mobile collector were organized to collect this type of waste in rural areas. More awareness-raising and ancillary activities are organized in the framework of the project with the aim to introduce to the citizens new possibilities of disposing of e-waste and waste batteries, and to make them aware why a correct disposal of this type of waste matters to environment.  Different communication channels are used (the media, expert events, cultural events, workshops, web sites, social networks, info boards, radio ads, telephone surveys, e-news, news, flyers etc.) to reach out to as many individuals as possible.

The newly established collection network gives consumers (i.e. the owners of appliances) better possibilities to dispose of their old appliances near their home. In this way a large portion of small-appliances are disposed of in this way which would otherwise be disposed of either among mixed municipal waste or simply tossed away somewhere outdoors. On account of intensive awareness-raising activities the news about this new waste collection network and on the significance of separate waste collection reaches out to a large number of households and consumers. E-waste and waste batteries collected within this system are then adequately processed; this prevents them to be disposed of in inappropriate places.

Value of the project: 1,795,765 EUR
Co-financers: 60% EU Commission, 10% Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Collection points:


  • ZEOS, d. o. o.
  • Šlandrova 4, SI-1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče
  • +386 (0)1 366 85 41

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