Upscaling of the magnet recycling steps from dismantling to partial dissolution will be performed from 2022 until 2024. The raw materials will be End-of-Life magnets, but also swarf, scrabs and sludges from recycling steps performed at magnet producer sites. MONOLITHOS (Greece), MEAB (Germany), KTH (Sweden) and TU-Freiberg (Germany) will demonstrate at preindustrial scale all steps, including innovative hydrometallurgical solutions and molten salt electrolysis, to reach magnet quality (> 95% purity) recycled metals at >90 % recovery rates.  MONOLITHOS Catalysts and Recycling Ltd. (Greece) will increase its portfolio and construct a new pilot recycling plant (Athens, Greece) for intermediate and refined products with a recycling capacity of 630 tons per year of end-of-life (EoL) material. Thus, DyScovery will enhance the EU recycling capacity by minimum 23%, to produce magnet-specification metals (300 tons per year). NdFeB and SmCo magnets from recycled materials will be manufactured at Magneti (Slovenia), while CRF (Italy) will test the performance of the green magnets for potential application in electromobility.

DyScovery: Sustainable REE, Co supply from magnet recycling: closing the loop


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