Upgrading the information system to develop the optimum waste management process through an innovative platform

Upgrading the information system with the help of artificial intelligence for the accurate documentation of all events that occur en route from waste pick-up and sorting to the users in order to set up the optimum circular municipal waste cycle.

  • We will encourage production companies to use environmentally-friendly materials that can be easily processed and recycled after the end of the product’s use.
  • 100% utilisation of municipal waste and elimination of the need for incineration plants, because nearly all municipal waste will be converted to raw materials.

The project includes the development of a uniform, comprehensive information system that enables continuous overview, guidance, analysis and optimisation of the planning for every system activity.

Every event is documented ranging from the offer, order, contract, implementation and up to invoicing:

  • continuous place and time based monitoring of every body movement and of the use of all tools and inbuilt materials – for every activity;
  • continuous analysis of proper execution of activities or performance;
  • continuous guiding of implementation through optimised criteria based on the analysis of all captured past events involving a given activity (learning of movements, use of tools and inbuilt materials);
  • at the end of the working day, precise planning of the implementation of all activities and their mutual optimum coordination for the next day;
  • display of the need to replace the operator, tool or support material with a more efficient one, which represents the beginning of a new optimisation of the operational implementation;
  • profitable deployment of a new worker, tool or support material, as well as the introduction of a new workplace and a profitable arrangement of all workplaces so as to reduce the time required for handling between individual workplaces and to reduce bottlenecks;
  • complete traceability of all waste from the waste producers to the waste raw material users, which is a condition and the main proof of environmentally-friendly practices, proper service execution and proper valuation of all activities in terms of work performed, resource use and support materials;
  • proper, efficient and transparent inclusion of waste in re-use, which alone can guide environmentally-sound management of waste producers in their disposal of residual materials and waste.

With the development of the VAČO system, we will document the path (time and place) of every piece of waste from the waste producer’s disposal site to the vehicle, the sorting site, the press or the mill and up to the trader or manufacturer of a new product.

Through the information system, all our suppliers (waste producers) thoroughly learn about their waste on the basis of photos (they also receive a validated record sheet of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning), their disposal method is documented and can be changed with our guidance, and all our buyers (processors) can use the video recordings of activities to ensure the waste raw materials are properly captured and sorted, thereby preventing any subsequent unnecessary rejections of deliveries (complaints). The additionally documented clean and transparent sorting activity serves as incentive for processors to expand their processing to include new subcategories of waste that they did not previously process.


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