Raising awareness of important aspects of circular economy and sustainable development

We host more than 10 events focused on circular economy. These events cover the following important topics: individual waste management, good circular practice examples, the viewpoints of experts that raising awareness of circular economy. Our Environmental and Waste Conference is yearly attended by more than 100 experts in the field of sustainable development.

Our trainings and publications are adapted to current legislation and customized to the needs of businesses and institutions. Our authors and lecturers are renowned Slovenian experts, active both in the private and the public sector as well as professional associations. Their knowledge and practical experience are giving our product users the latest know-how and extensive help in achieving their business goals.

In the years of development and growth we have become specialist and one of the leading companies in the field of education for companies and institutions in Slovenia. Our trainings are primarily based on actual best practices, innovative approaches and procedures. Trainees quickly transfer the gained knowledge to practice and have a direct impact on the efficiency and success of their company or institution.


Excursion to a foreign waste management facility with best practice examples – June 2019
The purpose of the event is to present an excellent example of foreign practice of processing municipal waste into a new product

Legislative changes in 2019 – October 2019
The purpose of the event is to provide legislative changes and clarifications of legislation and practical solutions for bringing the circular economy into practice.

Annual Environmental and Waste conference
Over the years, the specialist conference has established itself as an opportunity to find valuable solutions regarding the implementation of legislative requirements in practice, to conclude new partnerships and to exchange useful experiences.
In cooperatopm with SRIP – Circular economy we implemented following conferences:
– 10th specialist conference Environment and waste on legislative changes and examples of circular practices – 16. 4. 2019
– 11th specialist conference Environment and waste – 13. 10. 2020
– 12th specialist conference Environment and waste: Environmental legislation, circular business practices and financing options – 26. 11. 2021
– 13th specialist conference Environment and waste – Current environmental legislation and circular business practices – 24. 11. 2022.

Events’ goals:

  • raise the awareness of aspects of circular economy and sustainable development;
  • open discussion regarding certain issues;
  • inform and promote SRIP members – a network for the transition to a circular economy;
  • present best practice examples;
  • create an environment to increase the technological, economic and environmental performance of technologies, processes and companies in achieving sustainable development throughout the life cycle;
  • contribute to the integration of various actors, economic subject, educational and research institutions, non-governmental organizations, the government and other interested parties in the value chain.


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