CEL.CYCLE – Overlooked treasures of biomass

Exploiting the potential of various biomass (wood biomass, green pruning, annual plants, invasive alien plants species, ligno-cellulosic biomass waste from agriculture and industry) for development of advanced materials and bio-based products.

ICP, program coordinator, contributes to the development and optimization of new, sustainable technology and procedures for effective usage of biomass components for various industries – from chemical, textile, paper, wood and automotive industries, construction, engineering and energy – which are more environmentally acceptable and at the same time with same or improved functional properties adequate replacement for non-renewable raw materials of fossil origin. This contributes to reducing environmental burdens and creates circuit of raw materials and products that can be re-used or environmentally friendly decommissioned.

  • Companies and development institutions cooperation builds and expands value chain
  • Development of advanced products with high added value (paper with improved functional properties, smart packaging with printed sensory elements…)
  • Development of market-relevant products such as nanocellulose and green chemicals from various biomass for use in paper, textile and chemical industries
  • Development of light, temperature-resistant bio-composite materials for various applications in automotive industry
  • Development of innovative system for extracting energy from waste with high water content
  • Strengthening competitiveness of Slovenian economy
  • Reducing environmental burden

Other partners of the project, which are also SRIP – Circular economy members, are: Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, National Institute of Chemistry, Melamin, University Of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University Of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Joseph Stefan Institute, Faculty of polymer technology, Petrol.



  • ICP ‒ Pulp and Paper Institute
  • Bogišićeva 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
  • +386 (0)1 200 28 00

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