CIRCI project, led by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (Chamber of Electronic and Electrical Industry – ZEE), together with the Institute for Metal Materials and Technologies (IMT), the Tool and Die Development Centre (TECOS) and the Norwegian partner EYDE Cluster, addresses the pressing issue of introducing a circular economy in existing business processes. The total value of this project is EUR 696,960.00, and it is financed through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in the 2014-2021 framework program. The project started on the 1st of May 2022 and will be finished on February 29th, 2024.

The main project objective is to improve the eco-efficiency of the Slovenian and Norwegian (industrial) ecosystem and increase the positive impact of the circular economy through innovations and awareness of target groups. The project addresses the volume reduction of virgin materials and energy consumption in the current production processes. The specific goal of this partners alliance is to establish a database that will record waste or secondary materials generated in the production processes, which can be transformed into an important marketable raw material in the business process of the circular economy for another industry or production process. The project therefore establishes a database of existing feedstock materials and introduces an innovative system of vouchers, which will enable companies and research institutions to introduce innovative circular processes or technologies in their operations.