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Magneti Ljubljana d.d.

Magneti Ljubljana d. d. is a European producer of permanent metallic magnets, plasto-magnets and magnet systems with a long tradition ranging as far back as 1951.

Is is a research and market oriented company know for its stability and business success. Trough innovation and business excellence we meet the needs of the customer and foster a working environment  that furthers the growth of the employees and the company as a whole in a sustainable and responsible way.

Our vision is to become a global leader of permanent magnetic magnets in magnetic systems on the world stage. To meet the needs and goals of our customers based on technologically sound products and processes.

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Magneti Ljubljana d.d.
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Sustainable REE, Co supply from magnet recycling: closing the loop.

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The project started on June 1, 2019 and will last until November 31, 2023. It includes the installation of a line for the reuse of used NdFeB magnets in the company Magneti Ljubljana d.d. in the direct production of new magnets instead of a share of fresh raw material. The subsidy will be used to set up a line that will allow the reuse of large quantities of spent NdFeB magnets.

Project details