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The Regional Development Agency for Podravje - Maribor

The Regional Development Agency for Podravje – Maribor (RRA Podravje – Maribor) as the main development agency in the Podravje region, together with partner institutions, is the most important link for the development of 41 municipalities in the region. Due to the very important function it performs, it is crucial that it represents the best service to the municipalities in the field of regional development, project support, extraction of European funds, integration, attracting investors, tourism development, smart specialization and support for the entrepreneurial environment.

The Regional Development Agency for Podravje – Maribor is part of KPD – Creative Park Drava. The entire KPD facility was built around 1885 and, in addition to the central tract, has four other tracts that connect to the southern part of the central tract.

KDP represents the regional meeting point of entrepreneurship, technologies and creative industries with a close connection to the digitization of the region and training in the field of entrepreneurship. By displaying key regional projects and content, the creative park will promote the development of the region and the role of knowledge in the social and economic environment. With an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, integration between regional institutions and cooperation, the creative park will connect knowledge, technologies and competences in priority areas, promote the development of innovations, provide support to companies for the development, testing and demonstration of innovations, and thus build a supportive environment for the commercialization of developed solutions.

RRA Podravje – Maribor carries out individual tasks within the framework of the General Service and four sectors:

Department for Regional DevelopmentThe Department for Regional Development, as an entity promoting development at the regional level, carries out activities that are carried out in the public interest, prepares the document Regional Development Program 2021-2027, monitors and reports on the implementation of the Implementation Plans of the Regional Development Program, which, in accordance with the Rules on Organization and conditions for performing the tasks of the regional development agency and the Act on the Promotion of Harmonious Regional Development, it is performed within the framework of the development region. As a regional development agency, the sector provides technical, professional and administrative assistance to the authorities of the region: the Council of the Region, the Development Council of the Region and Committees of RSR and the Regional Development Network. Preparation of the Regional Development Program and orientation towards its implementation through the Operational Program. Preparation of strategic documents, production of investment documentation and project management. Support to municipalities in the Agreement for the Development of Regions and the realization of the registered projects. Providing excellent professional support to municipalities in the implementation of projects through the CLLD mechanism or LAS The Department for Regional Development designs projects in the field of sustainable mobility, nature protection, spatial planning and communal equipment of municipalities and other projects in accordance with the needs of the region.

Sector for entrepreneurship
The entrepreneurship sector promotes entrepreneurship and internationalization with an emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides support through various programs and projects (SPOT, PONI, etc.), but above all through involvement in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), where we have been a partner since 2000. EEN is the largest network in the European Union in the field of providing expertise and service to companies, universities, research organizations, technology centers and other business and innovation institutions. The sector also carries out tasks within the network (regional) business support center and incubator based in Pesnica and Maribor, but the goal is to expand to the entire region. An important area of ​​the sector is also attracting investors and establishing a model of comprehensive management of business zones, which ensures a good offer to potential investors. With a clear strategy and direction of the economy in the region, potential investors are sought in a targeted manner in the domestic and foreign environment.

Department for research, development and innovation
With its projects, the sector strives to accelerate technological development and the transfer of technologies through international cooperation. It performs tasks within the framework of the Digital Information Junction and Smart Specialization, which represents a platform for focusing development investments in areas where Podravje has a critical mass of knowledge, capacities and competences and in which it has innovation potential for positioning on global markets. The focus is on the development of smart cities, the circular economy and Industry 4.0. A research group is being developed within the sector.

Tourism sector
The sector is preparing strategic plans for the promotion and development of tourism in the tourist area. Its task is the creation and promotion of market brands of the tourist area’s offer, the development and marketing of integral tourist products of the tourist area, the promotion of the development and regulation of tourist recreation infrastructure and other facilities important for the implementation of tourist activities in the tourist area. Participates in international programs, programs of competent ministries and national tourism organizations. Cooperation is based on the establishment of various municipal partnerships (regional and interregional) with the aim of promoting tourism and the realization of individual projects or products that go beyond the area of ​​individual municipalities.


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