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Imago Urbee d. o. o.

B2B branding is becoming increasingly important in the global economy. Our agency specializes in B2B marketing. We work globally for domestic and foreign clients. We have extensive experience in B2B branding and the economic and tourism promotion of countries.

ENVISION EXPO – virtual spaces
We have developed our own 3D virtual platform – Envision Expo, which enables the realization of virtual presentations, virtual galleries, and virtual and hybrid events. Virtual presentations can be upgraded into virtual stores and showrooms. The platform enables adaptation to the different needs of each client.

Graphic design (graphic design, infographic design, 3D design, architectural design, as well as the design and production of exhibition spaces).

Interactive applications
We develop and implement digital applications for touch screens intended to provide educational and entertainment content as well as purely informative content with the help of infographics, animation, and interactive maps. Our interactive apps run on mobile and other touchscreen devices in Android, iOS, and Windows environments, as well as online. This set of services also includes a tool helping companies organize online B2B meetings.

Video and animation (we design and produce recorded and animated video content, including 2d and 3d animation).

Corporate communication
Our corporate communication projects encompass the preparation of various communication tools and the realization of projects with specific target audiences. We have extensive experience in country branding as well as in general economic and tourism promotion.

Pro bono & socially beneficial projects
Through our work in the field of promoting socially responsible behaviour, we would also like to contribute to creating a better, sustainably aware world and ensuring a more compassionate attitude towards vulnerable groups of people, regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Through our work, we also hope to make a small contribution to nature conservation and the fight against climate change.

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Imago Urbee d.o.o.
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