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Culmium, d.o.o.

Culmium provides top-level research and development technologies in industry. We are a team of physicists and other experts with a long and proven track record of working in industrial and academic environments. The desire to expand and seek new challenges led us to join forces and offer our services to a broad range of industrial and academic customers. We are driven by your success.

How we can help you:

  • Industrial and research data analysis
  • X-Ray microtomography
  • Image analysis
  • Custom R&D

The tools we use:

  • NEOSCAM X-Ray microtomograpfy
  • DRAGONFLY scientific imaging
  • RX Solutions
  • JMP statistical discovery from SAS

Contact details

Culmium, d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 24g, 4000 Kranj