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Circular Shield d.o.o.

Circular Shield encourages and connects municipalities, public waste management companies, the local community, packaging waste management companies and other stakeholders to shape the existing beverage carton waste management system into a circular model.

Used beverage cartons, collected separately by institutions and households in the local community, is specially collected and recycled in order to extract cellulose. The cellulose is used to produce hygiene paper such as paper handkerchiefs, paper towels and wipes, toilet paper, etc. These new products are used by institutions in the same local communities where used beverage cartons are collected separately as a source of raw material.

Through the separate collection and purposeful recycling of used beverage cartons, the local community provides the raw materials for the production of new, recycled hygiene paper, which is returned to the same local community – thus concluding its municipal material cycle.

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Circular Shield d.o.o.
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