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VAČO, d. o. o.

VAČO operates as an institute that has been financing itself since 1991 exclusively through waste. We are the only business in Slovenia and the EU which uses manual sorting of municipal waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We also have sufficient know-how in the field of innovation and we have the patent “Method for the controlled manual sorting of municipal refuse” which serves as our guideline for work, as well as the patent “Self-standing eco bag, its cut and its use”, as part of which we developed a collection vessel that now serves as the basis of our logistics.

Through a proper process and handling, municipal waste can be reprocessed into a product with the same material composition. With our sorting system, we can utilise nearly 100% of office waste for raw materials.

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VAČO, d. o. o.
Zdolska cesta 11, SI-8270 Krško



Upgrading the information system to develop the optimum waste management process through an innovative platform

 Upgrading the information system with the help of artificial intelligence for the accurate documentation of all events that occur en route from waste pick-up and sorting to the users in order to set up the optimum circular municipal waste cycle.

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