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Slovenian Business and Research Association

The Slovenian Business and Research Association (SBRA) is a Brussels-based non-governmental organization, with over 30 members from both the public and private sector. Since 1999, SBRA has been successfully representing the interests of Slovenian companies, the research community (including research institutes and universities), as well as Slovenian local communities and municipalities in Brussels. SBRA connects its members with European partners, transfers knowledge and experience, draws attention to and influences upcoming European legislation, and advises on the acquisition of European funds.

The activities of the association include very concrete advisory services and support in obtaining EU funds, including information services, lobbying, education, promotion and logistical support. SBRA differs from other information-lobbyist organizations by presenting and connecting the Slovenian economy, science and research, and that it connects public interests with the interests of companies and the research sphere based on a public-private partnership.

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Slovenian Business and Research Association
Avenue Lloyd George 7, B-1000, Bruselj


The association SBRA is active in the area of the circular economy, where it seeks to identify and promote regional and local opportunities for the development of a circular economy in Slovenia. SBRA strives to integrate and involve all key stakeholders, both at national and European level, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy, and above all to raise the quality of living and quality of life in general.

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