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Rilke Labs d.o.o.

Rilke Labs is a high-end R&D start-up providing waste management solutions for the future. We make use of state-of-the-art technologies ranging from advanced detectors, custom-built devices, and computing systems based on machine learning and computer vision. With its international team of experts , Rilke Labs can deliver services to your company and community. Contact us to discuss your potential needs and requirements.

THERESA – Business intelligence for waste sorting

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The usage of the word waste suggests that the product’s value has been lost after its consumption. We disagree with this generaliz ation, as discarded products can be effectively used as secondary resources. We believe that the lack of quantitative data and its inaccessibility is preventing us from better utilization of the resource. In order to tackle this problem, we have designed THERESA, a custom in-house developed AI-supported detection system which is connected to an intuitive and easy-to-use web platform. THERESA enables our customers to:

  • monitor the sorting process in real-time and in the past, generate reports
  • ensure quality control of the sorted fractions
  • establish precise return-of-investment (ROI) assessment for future devices
  • increase throughput by better resource utilization
  • reduce downtime by avoiding unexpected events


Our broad academic and applied research experience enables us to offer distinctive advantages in each stage of the production process. Diverse backgrounds – ranging from physics, optics, chemistry and mathematics to computer science – give us an inherent out-of-the-box approach to a problem. We can quickly explore the possible space of solutions by rapid design and construction of prototypes or through computer simulations. Thanks to smart system integration and established collaboration with experienced partners, we can combine all of the above into a product with unique characteristics. We can provide:

  • integration of various sensors (e.g. cameras) into a complete IT system using our own, in-house developed ZeroMQ based control system and dashboard
  • rapid prototyping of complete data-gathering (raw data) and data-analysis (models) solutions
  • development of advanced data analysis systems through exploratory data analysis and machine learning models
  • act as a reliable and skilled partner in EU projects

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