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PRIOT d. o. o.

We are an SW Development company specializing in building Web & IoT platforms with a sustainable mindset.

We help companies and startups build digital prototypes, MVPs, or fully-fledged platforms to improve and optimize their business.

.  The path to a new product should not be stressful, this is why we provide a friendly environment, stay flexible in business relationships, and try our best to make the whole experience enjoyable.

Out competitive advantage:
– We step in early in the process, help you design the product & identify corner cases.
– We offer end-to-end product development (backend architecture & development, UI design & development, QA & testing, and DevOps tasks).
– We build fast & agile, but pay exceptional attention to the details.
– We invest in our education and use the latest technologies

Stacks we are proficient in: Django, ASP.NET, Vue.js, React.js, Nuxt.js, Websocket, Docker

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PRIOT d. o. o.
Ulica škofa Maksimilijana Držečnika 6, 2000 Maribor