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DialogCo, komunikacijske rešitve, d. o. o.

We understand the circular economy and know how to present it to your target public.

As an essential part of the performance of all functions in companies and other organisations, communication is crucial for their success. In today’s business world, having quality and up-to-date information is vital. Even the greatest products or services need excellent communication.

Enter into a dialogue with us – we are here to make sure your communication is excellent.

We see communication as a business function in its own right that directly impacts the performance, efficiency and creativity of organisations in the transition into a circular economy.

We provide the following:

  • Corporate communication
  • Marketing communication
  • Visual communication

We are a consultancy agency with many years of experience in implementing communication projects, with the qualifications necessary to deliver the best solutions.

Our corporate, marketing and visual communication projects achieve excellent results. We are distinguished by creativity, excellence, flexibility and a global nature. We also provide consultancy and full service solutions.

Creativity, excellence

Our services are always managed in a dialogue with the client. We do not consider and cannot provide any generic offers or universal solutions that would apply to everyone.

Flexibility, global nature

We have extensive references in the food processing industry, the service sector, banking and financial institutions, trade, telecommunications, manufacturing, the public sector and non-profit organisations.


The transition from tactical solutions to long-term, targeted and deliberate actions requires strategy – in the mind, on paper, and in life.

Full service solutions

Each project must be targeted to the needs, wishes and goals of the client. This is why we define strategic planning and consultancy as an independent service, with which we help to design planned and targeted communication with the target public.

Forward-thinking organisations are increasingly transitioning to a circular economy. To build their reputation, identity and the trust of all relevant stakeholders, they must communicate with them systematically and in the right way. This requires a great communication strategy with communication activities that are carried out systematically and with excellence.

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Dialogco, komunikacijske rešitve, d.o.o.
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