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Talum d.d.
Talum, as a modern production company, is a world leader in the narrow circle of the most efficient producers of primary aluminium. Already in 2001, Talum transformed into a manufacturer who combines primary and secondary aluminium to prod […]
Tekstina, d. d.
We present the tradition dating back to 1828, where our story as an imperial private mechanical spinning mill began. The story of progress, creativity and innovation. Today, we are one of the oldest textile producers, with all our fabrics […]
Termit, d. d.
Termit is a mining company engaged in the production and processing of quartz sand and the production of auxiliary casting materials. We offer solutions not only for the needs of foundry, but also for the needs of construction, the prepara […]
The National Institute of Chemistry
Basic and applied research is aimed at areas of long-term importance for both Slovenia and the world: materials research, life sciences research, biotechnology, chemical engineering, structural and theoretical chemistry, analytical chemist […]
University of Maribor
The University of Maribor (UM) is the second largest and second oldest University in Slovenia consisting of 17 Faculties with approximately 1700 employees and 13500 students. UM researchers are engaged and established in numerous internati […]
VAČO, d. o. o.
VAČO operates as an institute that has been financing itself since 1991 exclusively through waste. We are the only business in Slovenia and the EU which uses manual sorting of municipal waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We a […]
Wcycle Inštitut Maribor
Wcycle Institute is a highly professional project core for implementation of research and development, introduction of selected technologies and the use of integrated IT tool for information and supervision, all with a goal of using proces […]
Založba Forum Media, d. o. o.
Založba Forum Media d.o.o., is a publishing company based in Maribor. It was established in January 2004 and is a member of the international FORUM Media Group, a media company comprised of leading publishing companies across Europe, Asia, […]
Zavod KNOF, so.p.
Zavod KNOF is a social enterprise with its objectives on employment, education and social inclusion of people from vulnerable population groups (long-term unemployed, people older than 50 years, handicapped, youth without certain education […]
ZEOS, d. o. o.
ZEOS is a national and non-profit common waste management scheme including e-waste (WEEE), waste batteries and accumulators (WPBA), and waste grave candles (WGC). It was established in July 2005 by producers of electric and electronic equi […]