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Panvita Ekoteh, d. o. o.
Panvita Ekoteh is part of the Panvita Group. The company was set up in 2004. Its primary activity is managing biogas plants and handling the environmental processes in the Panvita Group. Today, Panvita Ekoteh manages three biogas plants, N […]
Petrol, d. d.
A deeper sense and promise of Petrol is to improve the quality of life. With comprehensive energy and environmental solutions we create progress in the field of energy, infrastructure, buildings, water cycle and mobility, and collaborate w […]
RACI, d. o. o.
The RACI company was founded in 1994 as the Technology Transfer Centresupported by the Slovenian Ministry of Science and Technology. The motive for its foundation stemmed from long-standing activities of Slovenian Jožef Stefan Institute in […]
Salonit Anhovo, d. d.
Salonit Anhovo is a leading manufacturer of building materials in Slovenia with nearly a century of tradition in the production of cement and other hydraulic binders. Today, the cement plant Salonit Anhovo is technologically, environmental […]
Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj
The public institution SRC Bistra Ptuj developed from the Bureau for Strategic Technological Development, or shortly BISTRA, in 1994. Our main tasks are planning and managing of developmental activities in municipalities of the Spodnje Pod […]
SIJ Acroni, d. o. o.
In August 2018, SIJ Acroni took over the processing of steel slag in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Unprocessed steel slag had no economic value in the past and was mainly stored at the company's temporary stor […]
Slovenian Business and Research Association
The Slovenian Business and Research Association (SBRA) is a Brussels-based non-governmental organization, with over 30 members from both the public and private sector. Since 1999, SBRA has been successfully representing the interests of Sl […]
Slovenian Forestry Institute
As part of its research programme and related studies, the Institute also provides forestry and environmental services in the public interest. Another of the Institute’s functions is to provide scientific knowledge on all aspects of susta […]
Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineeri...
The most important areas of our research activities are focused on: establishment of a circular economy by recycling of secondary raw materials (industrial, construction, municipal and mining waste) development of sustainable innovati […]
Slovenian State Forests (SSF)
Major goals of SSF Make forest management more profitable and increase the quality of forest-wood assortments, while considering the basic forest management principles: Sustainability Multifunctionality Close-to-nature forest man […]
Snaga, d. o. o.
Snaga is a local company with more than 50 years experiences in waste management. Our focus is clear - the transition towards circular economy thru different operational projects, connected with waste management.
Steklarna Hrastnik, d. o. o.
Steklarna Hrastnik is a Slovenian company with almost 160 years of tradition in the production of technologically demanding glass products made from one of the world’s purest types of glass. Using our know-how, we manufacture a wide range […]
Surovina, d. o. o.
Comprehensive waste management Depending on your company's needs, we provide adequate, integrated and customised solutions, and cover the entire process from accepting the waste to returning secondary materials back into production or ens […]
Syntech, d. o. o.
Drawing on years of research and development in collaboration with a number of partners, such as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana and the Josef Stefan Institute, and applying the reverse logic approach, […]