Become a part of the partnership and take advantage of membership benefits.


Become a part of the partnership and take advantage of membership benefits.

Activities and services for members of the strategic partnership are provided with the aim of developing breakthrough innovations in circular economy in order to raise the material productivity in Slovenia. The SRIP – Circular economy is an ecosystem in which top companies and research institutions from the energy industry, biotechnology, paper industry, wood and chemical industries, secondary raw materials market, municipal utilities and waste, water and electronics industries operate.

Advantages of membership:

  • easier entry into value chains in Slovenia and abroad for new business opportunities – we act as a facilitator for establishing new business partnerships
  • support in entering foreign markets
  • priority access to strategic information
  • promotion of members’ achievements with the aim of development support from the state and other relevant stakeholders
  • advocacy
  • access to free professional knowledge and training

The annual membership fee is:

  • Large enterprises: EUR 5000
  • Medium-sized enterprises: EUR 2500
  • Small enterprises: EUR 830
  • Micro enterprises: EUR 300
  • Local communities: EUR 450
  • Non-governmental organisations: EUR 150
  • R&D institutions and other organisations: EUR 1000

SRIP – Circular economy members may withdraw from membership at any time by submitting to the SRIP – Circular economy Programme Council a written statement indicating their reason for withdrawal. The written statement must be sent to: Štajerska gospodarska zbornica, Ulica talcev 24, 2000 Maribor, with the inscription “za Programski svet SRIP – Krožno gospodarstvo”.

Withdrawals may be submitted by 30 November of the current year and will become effective on 1 January of the next year. A different withdrawal date can also be arranged by mutual agreement of the parties. Members that withdraw from the SRIP are liable for all obligations incurred until the date of withdrawal, including payment of the SRIP membership fee until the date of withdrawal.

When a SRIP – Circular economy member withdraws from the SRIP, all of their functions within the SRIP bodies will be terminated.